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Introducing New

Murder Mystery Parties

Plan Your Own Mystery Party

Have you ever wanted to stage your own murder mystery party? With our printable PDF kits, you will have everything you need to have a memorable mystery party with your friends. Shop below our current selection of party scenarios. More versions coming soon!


But first, there are a few things you may want to know before you continue:

The games included here are designed for a specific number of people. When you plan your party, you will need to make sure you have a committed group that promises to be there for the party. The games will not work if all the main characters do not participate. However, all the games contain instructions to include extra “non-character” players.

The games themselves are mostly PG to PG-13. Check out the details of each game for difficulty, rating and number of players needed.

Most of the games require a host. That means a guest who doesn’t play and knows the details of the game beforehand. The game packets will include specific instructions for the host of that game.


Here are some examples of some of the contents you an expect

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