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Caught Stealing - Thief Mystery

Last October, Kansas City Crowns 2-time MVP Merrick Hostaukus hit the game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth in the Championship Series. After the game, Merrick announced his retirement from baseball (right in the middle of his prime) to pursue a career in acting.


On this day, Merrick has invited some of his closest friends to join him at his mansion and to admire (some would say gloat about) the autographed game-winning homerun ball proudly on display in his living room. The latest appraisals suggest the ball could be worth as much as $2,000,000! That night, a storm forces the guests to stay overnight.



Leslie Anne Wilkes: Mid 30s, president of the Merrick Hostaukus fan club

Merrick Hostaukus: Late 20s, 2-time MVP Baseball Player

Amy Glasscash: Early 50s, KC Crowns owner and world-renowned billionaire.

Whitney Adeleswift: Early 30s, famous singer/Merrick's former girlfriend

Nolan Kayman: Late 20s, Award-winning pitcher for the KC Crowns

Tony Rightplace: Late 40s, famous professional gambler

Sam Moneymoney: Late 30s, Merrick's agent



Officer Taylor McShady Mid 30s, police officer

Caught Stealing - Thief Mystery

  • Rating - PG-13

    Difficulty - Intermediate

    # of Players - 7 or more

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