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Final Deadline - Murder Mystery

The best-selling mystery writer Ivan Crowked is hosting a weekend getaway at his cabin in the woods. The general consensus of his fans and the critics is that his books used to be great but now he coasts on his past name. Ivan came from a wealthy family. His parents died years ago, but the money from their estate has been tied up in probate ever since although recent news from the family lawyer, John Grishman, suggests the legal issue is about to be resolved. As the lone heir, Ivan stands to inherit several million dollars. All action takes place at the Crowked cabin.


Characters: Cara Pennypound - Early 30s - Accountant for I Did It Books Caycee Wordsworth - Mid-50s - Ivan's Longtime Editor

Ian Allen Pope - Early 50s - Ivan's Oldest Friend

Jeni Crowked - Early 40s - Ivan's Wife

Kristin Crowked- 21 years old - Ivan's Daughter

Patrick Jeeves - Early 50s - Ivan's Personal Valet

Roddy Flypaper - Late 20s  - Kristin's Boyfriend

Sarah Tolkien-Rowling - Early 50s - Ivan's Biggest Author Rival


John Grishman- mid-50s- the Crowked family lawyer

Angela Fatcat - mid-40s, CEO of I Did It Books

Final Deadline - Murder Mystery

  • Rating - PG-13

    Difficulty - Intermediate

    # of Players - 7 or more

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