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If I Die a Richman - Murder Mystery

Royal Richman is a former billionaire oil tycoon in his late 60s. A switch to failed online ventures has been financially detrimental. His current worth is unknown (estimated between 0 and 100 million dollars). A recent investigation revealed massive gambling debts owed to various parties.

Mr. Richman has gathered the most important people in his life for what he calls a “major announcement that will affect them all.” When the guests arrived, they found Mr. Richman passed out on the couch. Since the important meeting he had called them all here for isn't going to happen, everyone decides to retire for the evening. Not long after, a woman is heard screaming. Everyone rushes back to the room where the scream originated to see Helga standing over Mr. Richman dead, stabbed through the heart with a kitchen knife. After a quick investigation, the police are leaving it up to you to figure out what happened. Because of the nature of the offense, they are calling it a “crime of passion”. There are no prints on the murder weapon. There is, however, an oven mitt and one of the couch cushions covered in blood. The police say Mr. Richman showed no signs of a struggle and died instantly.

All action takes place at the Richman’s estate.

Helga Slovinski- mid-50s- Mr. Richman’s longtime maid
Goldie Richman- 42 years old- Mr. Richman’s first and only wife of 21 years
Sidney LaFleur- 35 years old- ex-NHL star
Anna Richman- 21 years old- the Richman’s daughter
Chastity Wise- 21 years old- the mystery guest

Ben Crooksly- mid-50s- the Richman family lawyer
Lou Gumshoe- mid-40s, private investigator
Officer Taylor McShady- mid-30s, police officer

If I Die a Richman - Murder Mystery

  • Rating - PG

    Difficulty - Very Basic

    # of Players - up to 8

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